What’s it like working with us?

We’re not a typical digital marketing agency

By keeping our focus on hospitality clients, we understand what our clients need to be successful. Our strategy, pricing, and work reflects that.

  • Does your current agency hold themselves to a high ROI standard? Are they transparent with the value they provide?
  • Is your current agency flexible in how they work with you?
  • Can your current agency show you new strategies that are working in other markets and how they apply to your property?

Frequently asked questions

Our pricing varies based on the scope of the work.

A “Full Service” (PPC, SEO, Facebook Advertising, Email Marketing, Website Management) contract is usually less expensive than a single full-time-employee salary.

We work hard to find a price and scope that meets your needs. From consulting to being a complete digital marketing department, there’s a plan to fit any budget.

Our standard contract is month to month. We’re completely comfortable earning your business on a monthly basis.

We do have options to save with a longer term commitment – those are proposed on a case by case basis.

Each RHV Media client has an internal dashboard that shows performance at a glance.

We typically meet at least once a month to review stats and talk about strategy going forward.

This varies on a case-by-case basis. Typically, we create our display ads and help craft copy for websites and email.

We can work with you to find an affordable partner for more advanced creative work like new photography, drone footage, and video editing.


However, Once we enter into a partnership with a property, we won’t work with any direct competitors until that partnership ends. So, there’s a chance we already have a partner in your area.

We. Love. Hospitality.

An 8 room hotel has as many interesting problems to solve as a 200 key resort.

Size doesn’t matter.

We happily work with internal teams and other agencies – in fact, some of our biggest wins have been born out of collaboration.